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Aeronautics is one of the most important activities of the company "TRANS-SERVICE".
Team TRANS-SERVICE carries out flights to St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region and is pleased to offer you a variety of services in the field of aeronautics.


Our team would like to offer you an opportunity to feel like a free bird, rising skyward in a hot-air balloon or hot-air airship.
Get more information about the types of flights, as well as select the desired option for yourself, go to the section FLIGHTS.


We would like to offer you an opportunity to place your information on-board thermal airship "TRANS-SERVICE".

The hot-air airship, being a non-standard storage media, has attracted much attention sicker than the usual placement of advertising and other information. Thus, the placement of information on board the airship can be called a very effective means of embedding advertising budget.

More details about the placement of advertising and other information on board hot-air airship can be read here


Team TRANS-SERVICE participated in the 9th World Championship hot-air airships, which brilliantly acted and took 5th place among the strongest athletes in the world. Championship took place 13-18 July 2010 in Grand Dole, France..

Last News

12 th of April 2013

Once it seemed a fantasy, then 12.04.1961 became a miracle, now - it is reality.

Congratulations with International Cosmonautics Day!

04 th of January 2013

TRANS-SERVIS aircraft fleet get a New Year's adjunction - new hot-air balloon with a place for six passangers. More photos in our group at ☆☆☆˨ ☆☆☆ "-"

25 th of December 2012

Happy New 2013 Year and Merry Christmas!

Let the new year will be full of stability, prosperity and lots of interesting events!

We wish you happiness and grace!


26th of November 2012

TRANS-SERVICE Ltd. got a new patent: Patent 2465621 "The Method of underground water searching".

04th of October 2012

Mr. Karimov, director of the science department of TRANS-SERVICE, in collaboration with mr. Vlasov, the Chief Geophysicist of "Sochitranstonnelproekt TO-44", had introduced the thermal imaging method to diagnos the dangerous areas at the the construction of eight tunnels in Sochi city. The results showed a high efficiency of the technology of monitoring sustainability rock during tunneling transport tunnels.

06th of September 2012

The company "TRANS-SERVICE" became one of partners of the open football tournament "Nevskoe plamya", which will be held in St. Petersburg on September 8-9, 2012 in the small arena of the "Petrovskiy" stadium.

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